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Carbon Steel Wok 30cm (12")

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This traditional style wok is made from carbon steel for authenic Asian cooking. Cooking with carbon steel provides fast, efficient heating and even heat distribution and withstands high temperatures necessary for stir frying, deep-frying, tempura and steaming. Flat bottom design for use on all cooktops, including induction. 

Preparing carbon steel stir fry pan for use:

Wash both the inside and outside of the pan with a scourer to remove  the special anti-rut coating. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Immediatley rub the entire interior surface of the pan with a coating of cooking oil. Heat the pan slowly until the oil smokes. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool, then wipe off excess oil with an absorbent paper towel. There wil be black residue on the paper towel. Repeat process until blck residue is no longer evident (about 3 times). Your carbon steel stir fry pan is now ready for use.